Pedicab offers new way to get around downtown Youngstown

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John Young, Youngstown’s founder, probably had a horse pulling a carriage as he started the city before 1800. Now there’s a modern-day advancement to get around town — and we’re not talking about the car.

Jacob Harver pedals the Youngstown Pedicab, a bicycle pulling a riding car that can carry two people.

It’s a great way to get around and avoid traffic.

“One of the complaints about anything downtown is parking so it alleviates those concerns,” Harver said. “People that might have a hard time walking around, it’s good for them and people who just want to get a different view of the city.”

Harver has been in the bar business for ten years. Now he’s the one on the seat operating the Pedicab.

It’s normally just used on the weekends but Wednesday night, he’s bringing it out for the Keith Urban concert.

Harver knows the Covelli shows are always a hit, drawing people from everywhere.

“Nice to give them an option for seeing town and getting back and forth between the main drag to the Covelli Centre without having to walk back and forth,” he said.

Harver got the Pedicab this summer. He had seen one in another city and thought it was fascinating.

His legs can handle the load.

“I don’t know if I’ll ever add more,” Harver said. “We’ll keep evolving, keep adding lights, sound system options. Make it into an experience.”

He’s adding a heater for Wednesday’s rides and thinks he can ride through part of the winter.

Rides are $5 downtown or $15 if you need to go longer, up the hill. Call or text 330-550-5637 for a pick-up Friday and Saturday from 7 p.m. to 2:30 a.m., or during major events, concerts and by reservation.

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