Pastries for Pets fundraiser raises money to help local animals

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There is no age limit on giving back. One 8-year-old girl has shown this to be true as she raises money for animals. 

Brynna Jones started a fundraiser called “Pastries for Pets” at just four years old. She said it was important to help animals.

“Because cats and dogs need shelter,” she said.

Her mother, Lindsay Jones, said now it is a yearly tradition. 

“She actually started off by putting an envelope on her door. She would charge us, her parents, admission when ever we went into her room. And I said, ‘you know hunny, this is great that you’re trying to raise money for the animals but you should probably think of another way to get money from other people,’” she said.

With her love for baking, she decided to sell pastries and donate all the proceeds to Angels for Animals’ Angel Wing.

“It’s really exciting to go there and actually see the structure being built. They have already raised a little over $6 million and they’re a little under $4 million away from their goal to finish the construction,” Jones said.

Jones said Angels for Animals’ Angel Wing will be a 24-hour clinic and a space to house stray cats and dogs.

Brynna loves baking and hopes to open her own bakery one day. She also helped make all the baked goods for the fundraiser.

“They are oreo pops, chocolate covered oreos with sprinkles,” she said. 

The bake sale was held at Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Boardman. 

So far, the fundraiser has donated $2,000 to Angels for Animals over the past two years, and they plan to continue doing it. 

“She did it in kindergarten and immediately the day after it was done she said, ‘we have to do this again next year.’ And then the same last year. So I think we’re going to be doing this every year,” Jones said. 

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