LOWELLVILLE, Ohio (WKBN) — While there might not have been any snow on the ground, it still didn’t stop people in Lowellville from taking a frigid dip in the water.

Several people took part in the Chili Plunge this afternoon at Bedford Trails Golf Course. The event is held annually by the Poland Rotary and coincided with its annual Chili Open, with all proceeds going toward local charities.

Jim Loboy and even Brutus Buckeye were among a few of the brave souls taking a trip in the lake. After it was all done, Loboy spoke with a couple of participants who took their first plunges.

“It was cold, but you know what? There were so many great people we did it with. We all supported each other,” said Sue Centorame, a first-timer taking the plunge.

Another first-timer, Avery Grischow, said she would do it again and, “I thought it was going to be a lot worse, but it wasn’t that bad.”

Grischow also told First News for whoever wants to try it in the future, she said it’s short and not as bad as one would think.

She and Centorame both said they’d be back for the 2024 plunge.

Jim Loboy contributed to this report.