Spring means outdoor sports are returning to the fields. April is Youth Sports Safety Month, and athletic trainers are making early injury prevention a top priority.

At Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, doctors are using a new technique to training that may help prevent injuries. 

The program uses video analysis to show players their exact body position at every point in their throw. The video analysis can be used in any sport. 

Small changes made from the information in those videos can mean the difference between a painful joint or muscle and pain-free performance.

Michael Macatangay, certified athletic trainer, said the program not only prevents injuries but can improve a player’s skills. 

“It gives the ability to monitor their progress to see if anybody’s injured throughout the season, the middle of the season and more importantly if anything changes from their beginning testing to the middle testing to the end of testing,’ Macatangay said.

According to Nationwide Children’s Hospital, less than 10 percent of kids in this new program suffered a throwing-related injury by the end of the season compared to the usual 40-60 percent national average.

Jeremiah Cangelosi has loved baseball since the age of three, but that much pitching can take a toll. Thanks to the new monitoring, Jerimiah found out the cause of the soreness in his arm wasn’t just the number of pitches; it was also in his form.

He started working with Macatangay two years ago, analyzing his throw and watching videos to pinpoint the origination of the pain.

“Being able to see that is so crucial and having someone else’s opinion on it that can look at it with you and break it down is so important because they can see stuff that you can’t necessarily see, especially with your own delivery because you’ve been doing it for so long,” Jeremiah said.

Jeremiah says being able to see his throw broken down and explained has not only helped him prevent further injuries.

Locally, Akron Children’s Hospital has a sports injury clinic that offers several services in sports medicine, including individualized sports medicine treatment plans and 3-D technology.