PENNSYLVANIA (WKBN) – The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PUC) announced on Wednesday that part of Penn Power energy bills that is not regulated by PUC is expected to increase by 19%.

According to a press release, Penn Power, which serves Mercer County, is reporting the price to compare portions of their bills will increase from 8.694 cents/kWh to 10.348 cents/kWh. This is an increase of 19%.

Those prices are generated by market forces and reset up or down several times a year.

Other providers will have increases, too, including PECO, Penelec, Met-Ed and West Penn Power.

West Penn Power’s increase is less extreme with only an increase of 1.3%.

This next quarterly increase is expected to come on September 1.

PUC advises customers to research how to manage their energy use to keep their bills down.

PUC says this additional increase comes in the midst of already higher Summer energy bills due to inflation and the hot weather.

Tips for conserving energy include: (Courtesy: PUC)

  • Pay attention to the thermostat – Every degree you raise or lower the temperature could impact energy costs by up to 3%.  Also, consider a programmable thermostat to automatically raise temperatures while you are away from home
  • Have your air conditioner serviced – Regular air conditioner maintenance along with clean air filters help ensure efficient operation of your cooling system
  • Insulate and seal leaks around your home – Adding insulation, installing storm windows and doors, and sealing cracks and air leaks can help you stay cooler and use less energy
  • Install or repair ceiling fans in high-trafficked rooms – Use ceiling fans to circulate the air, keeping the room and you cooler
  • Protect windows to reduce heat buildup – Smart landscaping and exterior window coverings are just two ways that you can better protect windows and reduce the impact of heat buildup in your home