Parking troubles, fines affect eventgoers in downtown Youngstown

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YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Venues are open, crowds are returning downtown, and if you’re planning to attend a concert, go to dinner or just grab a drink, make sure your plan is complete. One thing to consider and be aware of is finding a place to park.

There are plenty of places not to park downtown and signs point them out.

There are fewer signs directing you to places where you can park.

“Absolutely, especially with event parking. There’s nowhere to park, so you find an open lot, you park, you think you’re okay, but I guess not,” said Laura Hornung of Boardman.

Nobody knows better than Hornung. She met girlfriends downtown for dinner Friday night and parked right next to the Social.

“I thought it was much more safer than me just parking on the side streets,” Hornung said.

She didn’t see the sign Permit Parking Only. The lot was enforced with Barnacle.

The women rode to the Blackstreet concert together and when Hornung returned to her car, she learned what a Barnacle is.

It blacks the windshield so you can’t see or drive.

You call and pay $350 to have it released and $200 is returned if you place the Barnacle in the box at the back of the lot.

“I did not think it was going to be such a stiff fine. One hundred and fifty dollars seems like a lot for me just for parking in a parking lot that I didn’t even know was restricted parking,” Hornung said.

The fine is stiff. Other signs downtown show if you park in the wrong spot, your car can get towed, meaning more time to get it back.

“I mean, just to be safe, I guess you just gotta pay better attention. I would hope that the establishments would block off restricted areas, put some cones or even just have a parking attendant saying that you can’t park here,” Hornung said.

The sign where Hornung parked said it would only be a $125 fine. She was actually charged $150.

She admits the experience and looking for parking may have an impact on if she’ll return to downtown Youngstown.

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