Parking lot teeth cleaning? One patient said it’s ‘professional and convenient’

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Mercy Health parked one of their mobile dental clinics at East Palestine Memorial Public Library all day Wednesday

EAST PALESTINE, Ohio (WKBN) – When it comes to dental or medical care, scheduling time to take care of oneself can be difficult.

It can be especially difficult for individuals in rural communities because places like the dentist’s office aren’t as close as they might be for city dwellers.

To combat that issue, Mercy Health brought one of their three mobile dental clinics to East Palestine Memorial Public Library Wednesday.

“Sometimes people don’t have cars or even just the time in their schedule to go out there, so this is really beneficial for rural communities having this dental van come to us,” said patient Macklain Hersman.

Inside, the clinic houses two chairs identical to a brick-and-mortar dentist office. The clinic can clean, fill and seal teeth, among other procedures.

“We’re pretty well equipped,” Dr. Kevin Johnson said. “It’s a little bit tighter quarters, you’re pretty packed in here, but overall we’re pretty equipped to pretty much do anything you can get at a standard dentist office.”

Wednesday was Hersman’s third time getting work done in the mobile clinic, and he said his past experiences have been positive and said the facilities are state-of-the-art.

“It’s so convenient. Nobody likes going to the dentist, but when the dentist comes to you, you can’t really pass up the opportunity,” Hersman said.

Johnson said he grew up in Boardman and works on one of the mobile clinics once a week. He said his favorite part is getting out and seeing the community.

“To have two full operatories in something on wheels is pretty impressive,” Johnson said.

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