Parent’s perspective: Father of four voices concerns over online-only learning

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Jeff Savchuk has kids in kindergarten through fifth grade at Reynolds

GREENVILLE, Pa. (WKBN) – On Monday, Reynolds announced they will begin the year with online-only learning.

Superintendent John Sibeto said it would be difficult and unfair to make students and teachers wear a mask and social distance.

However, one parent voiced concerns over that announcement.

“In the summertime, a lot of the kids are watched by older siblings, high school students, college students,” Jeff Savchuk said. “Those kids are all going to be going back to school also.”

He added it makes it tough on parents who are working to find someone to watch their kids, and make sure they’re doing their work.

“Some people are going to have to look at quitting their jobs,” he said.

Savchuk has kids in kindergarten through fifth grade.

He understands the pandemic was sprung on everyone this past school year, but said it was difficult to help teach.

“We don’t have the answers the kids are looking for,” he said. “They teach school differently nowadays, math’s a whole different thing with this Common Core. It’s tough for parents to do it.”

Logistically, people might run into a problem when it comes to internet access.

“My house is three miles from the high school and we do not have access to high-speed internet,” Savchuk said. “Nor do people who are way out in the country.”

He mentioned the school board said they would help those who have issues with the internet at a recent meeting.

So what should they do? Savchuk would like an option to either send his kids to school or keep them home.

“You’re going to make people mad whether they go to school or they don’t, there has to be a happy medium here,” he said. “A lot of people are going to be negatively affected, it’s not fair to them.”

Jeff also mentioned that Pennsylvania is letting children go back to school and that the CDC recommends it as well.

Along with Reynolds, the Youngstown School District also announced that classes will be online-only this upcoming year.

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