Pa. and Ohio COVID numbers show expected spikes and decreases

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In both Ohio and Pennsylvania, the trend in new cases over the past week is down

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Ohio reported another 6,500 cases of COVID-19 Monday, about 3,000 less than the 3-week average. It remains much higher than Ohio’s daily average in August.

In both Ohio and Pennsylvania, the trend in new cases over the past week is down, but even though cases are trending down, the actual numbers are still very high when compared with this past summer.

We were warned about a spike when it got cold and it most definitely happened.

In Ohio, the week ending December 13, which was into the third week following Thanksgiving, recorded 87,000 cases. The weeks before that and the week after recorded about 60,000 cases each.

While cases fell last week, deaths in Ohio were way up from 533 the week of December 13 to 885 this past week – an increase of 66%.

The spike in deaths, keep in mind, came one week after the spike in cases.

Hospitalizations in Ohio are the number of people in the hospital on that given day, and they can fluctuate day by day. For the most part, there hasn’t been a huge increase – 5,100 to 4,700. That’s a drop of 8%.

Even from late November to early December, the rise was from 4, 400 to 5,000 – up 15%.

Pennsylvania almost mirrors Ohio in new cases where a spike came during the third week after Thanksgiving.

From last week to this week, the number of cases fell from 71,000 to 63,000. To put that in perspective, Pennsylvania was averaging about 7,000 cases a week in August.

The trend in deaths in Pennsylvania is up as well, 500 to almost 1,00 to over 1,200. And now over the past week, 1,300. That’s up 166% in four weeks.

The trend in hospitalizations in Pennsylvania is up over the past four weeks from 4,400 on November 29 to just over 6,000 Sunday.

Another number to keep track of is the percent of people testing positive. For the first week of December, Ohio was over 15 percent That put the state on the advisory list for travelers. Over the past week, it’s been 13 to 14 percent, that’s down but still high.

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