YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) — What started off as a hobby turned into a passion for a Youngstown native, who shares her story of how she brought the inspiration to life.

Hannah Ferguson is from Youngstown but moved to Orlando, Florida. For six years, she was away from family and friends. She slipped into what she called a depression and was unsure of what to do with her life.

“I didn’t realize how important Youngstown was to me until I moved away,” Ferguson said. “Possibly a lot of people feel like that in their hometown. They just want go somewhere new, experience something different. I did that and got to see a lot of things, but again just kept being homesick.”

She initially started making wine as a hobby, starting off with only a red and a white. She realized this hobby was going to turn into something more.

Ferguson knew that she could only open in her business in one place.

“Wanting to do this, it had to be here. I just think the pride of Youngstown is strong no matter what our city goes through, all the negativity that we get — we still survive, we still try to make things happen,” Ferguson said.

She had no idea that as she was pursing her passion, she was also making history: Ferguson is the first Black female to own a cidery in Ohio.

She ferments in-house and hands out positive energy with each glass.

DOPE Cider House and Winery continues to dwell on positive energy as it approaches its 1-year anniversary.

Ferguson said she hopes more locally owned and operated businesses open in Youngstown.