Retired president of King’s Jewelry to give lectures on gemology and steel industry

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Dale Perelman is the author of several books about the steel industry and diamonds

(WKBN) – Dale Perelman and his family are best known for their jewelry stores. Come April, Perelman will be lecturing on gemology, which is totally appropriate. He’ll also hold classes on the birth and death of steel, which may or may not be associated with jewelers.

Perelman’s interest in steel includes a Ron Donough original titled The Pour, which hangs on the wall of his Neshannock Township home in Lawrence County.

“I took one look at that picture and I said, ‘I want to use that for my cover,'” Perelman said.

The cover of his book is called Steel: The Story of Pittsburgh’s Iron and Steel Industry, which was followed by Road to Rust. The books include stories of steel barons like Andrew Carnegie and of the people who worked in the mills.

“One year in Pittsburgh, 105 people died in the mills and something like 30 of them got nothing for their families,” Perelman said.

In April, Perelman will lecture on the steel industry and gemology at Butler County Community College’s Lawrence Crossing campus.

“I had always had a love for some of the great diamonds of the world,” he said.

That love for diamonds was inherited. His grandfather started Perelman’s Jewelers, which later became King’s Jewelry.

“Two of my books are on the biggest diamonds and the most important, historical diamonds in the world. One is the Regent and it’s in the Louvre Museum and the other diamond is the Koh-i-Noor which is in the Tower of London,” he said.

Perelman has glass examples of what some of the great diamonds look like — letting people hold them will be part of his lectures. The gemology lectures will not be scientific. The average person should enjoy them.

“Because each of those diamonds have a story attached to them and it’s more interesting than just the diamond itself,” Perelman said.

Perelman’s gemology lectures will be April 5 and 12, and his steel lectures will be April 14 and 19.

They’ll be held at Lawrence Crossing on W. State Street in New Castle from 6:30-8 p.m. They’re part of Butler County Community College’s Lifelong Learning Program.

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