YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) — Reports said a helicopter from the Ohio State Highway Patrol Friday helped police catch a man who they say had drugs and a gun in his car on the East Side.

Malik Marrow, 24, of Dickson Avenue, is expected to be arraigned Monday in municipal court on charges of receiving stolen property and possession of drugs.

Marrow was not charged for the 9mm semiautomatic handgun police found in the car he was driving because of a change in state law that went into effect last month that allows people to carry a loaded gun without a handgun permit. Officers took the gun and the case is still being investigated, reports said.

Reports said Marrow was spotted about 2 p.m. Friday when a car he was driving passed up a cruiser with officers and troopers at McGuffey Road and North Garland Avenue working a special anti-violence patrol. Reports said Marrow passed the cruiser at a high rate of speed.

Officers tried to follow him and a helicopter overhead tracked him to an apartment complex in the 900 block of Plaza View Court. Reports said the crew of the helicopter saw Marrow run from the car and take off his shirt but lost sight of him.

Police did a records check on the license plate of the car and learned it had been reported stolen from Pennsylvania, reports said.

About 6:15 p.m., reports said Marrow emerged from an apartment building with a different shirt on and that is when police arrested him. Police searched the car and found fentanyl in a door handle and the gun in a backpack in the trunk, reports said.

Because Marrow does not have a criminal record that would bar him from owning a handgun, he was not charged with a gun offense now, although police did take the gun. There is a chance he could be charged with a gun offense later after an investigation is completed.

Because someone does not have to have a permit to carry a gun now, police can no longer charge people with improper handling of a firearm in a motor vehicle unless they are under 21 and have a handgun. In Ohio, a person must be 21 to have a handgun.