CANFIELD, Ohio (WKBN) – Changing tires on the highway can be dangerous. Ohio State Highway Patrol is alerting drivers to take caution.

Troopers say if your car breaks down, pull as far over the white line as possible. Increasing visibility helps too.
Troopers say using a neon vest or flares can make other drivers aware of you.

For drivers, keeping distance from someone on the side of the road is key.

“If there’s no one in the lane next to you, get over, give them some room If you can’t get over for whatever reason because a roadway is not designated with an extra lane where they trapped next to you, we that you slow down, proceed with caution and just be respectful of the person out there on the side of the road that is broken down,” said Sgt. Ryan Purpura.

Troopers say every situation is different. If possible, stay in your car on a busy highway or go on the other side of the guard rail for safety.