(WKBN) – On Monday, we told you that the Mill Creek MetroParks District is considering taking measures to decrease its deer population.

During a park commissioners’ board meeting, the park’s natural resource manager laid out problems the area is facing because it is beyond the sustainable number of deer. He laid out some of the negative impacts on plants and other wildlife in the park because of the deer overpopulation.

On Friday, we spoke with Geoff Westerfield, assistant wildlife management supervisor for the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, who says there are three choices for mitigating the deer population.

“When you’re talking about deer management, you’ve really got three options. You can do nothing, you can use hunting as a population control tool or you can use what often is referred to as culling or sharpshooting,” he said.

Albino deer are more common in Mill Creek’s parks. There are no statewide protections for albino deer, but Westerfield says if Mill Creek MetroParks does allow hunting, they can outlaw the hunting of white deer.