Opening night a success at local drive-in theater

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Even with Friday's cold temperatures, they still expected people to come out and enjoy some movies

LEAVITTSBURG, Ohio (WKBN) – Built in 1949, the Skyway Twin Drive-In Theatre in Leavittsburg bills itself as the oldest drive-in theater in the area. Friday was opening night.

It might not have been the warmest night to hit a drive-in movie, but that didn’t stop people from heading out for Skyway’s seasonal opening.

Popcorn, nachos and pop — just some of the basic items when heading to the movies as Skyway prepares for another season.

“It’s never anything crazy which is good ’cause it gives us all a chance to get our bearings back and remember how the flow of things go,” said Skyway co-owner Paige DeCiancio.

They showed four movies, two double features. Even with Friday’s cold temperatures, they still expected people.

“I mean, they’ll still be people for the movies. There’s a lot of people that say they will come out in the middle of winter. So we’ll get some people for sure,” DeCiancio said.

Including 70-year-old Henry Gray, who has been going to the drive-in since he was 18. Now, he shows up almost every weekend.

“Oh, actually, it’s kind of like a habit now, but I like to come here to support it ’cause if you don’t come here they don’t get no money, they don’t stay open,” he said.

Gray enjoys going to the drive-in for the convenience.

“Well, I can come to the drive-in, I can watch the movies, I can eat and I smoke. I can’t smoke in a theater,” he said.

Last year, Hollywood wasn’t releasing as many new movies. So, drive-in theaters had to come up with new ideas to bring in business, such as graduations, concerts and showing some favorite classics.

“I think it was really fun for us and the customers to have the retros and that also brought something to our attention that we really did before,” DeCiancio said.

Either way, people still wanted to enjoy the nostalgia of the drive-in.

“I wasn’t sure if I was going to come today or tomorrow but they’ve got good movies on the other screen so I might come again tomorrow,” Gray said.

Skyway is located at 1825 N. Leavitt Road. General admission is $9 for adults, $5 for kids ages 4-11 and free for kids under 4 years old.

Friday and Saturday night will feature The Unholy/Monster Hunter on one screen and Godzilla vs. Kong/Wonder Woman 1984 on the other. The movies begin at 8:30 p.m.

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