Online shopping creates recycling opportunity for all that cardboard

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Enjoy the items inside, but don't just toss the box aside

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Every neighborhood is seeing some “cardboard chaos.” You, the neighbors, even the ones you don’t know are getting packages delivered. But what about the cardboard packages they come in? Where are those going?

Enjoy the items inside, but don’t just toss the box aside.

“We anticipate this year that corrugated cardboard, because of online shopping, is going to be more plentiful,” said Kim Lewis, spokesperson for the Mahoning County Green Team.

Paper, including cardboard boxes, is the largest component of solid waste, making up 50% during the holidays and 41% during the rest of the year.

From Thanksgiving to New Year, there’s about a 25% increase in trash nationwide.

Corrugated cardboard can be recycled very easily. It can’t be picked up curbside, but there are 27 drop-off sites around Mahoning County.

Many people love recycling in Mahoning County. They adopted the reduce, reuse, recycle mentality.
If you want to help, think about dropping off your cardboard boxes during the week, when the Green Team has workers ready.

Make sure you take out the white peanuts, air bags or other packaging material before placing the carboard in the bin.

“We ask everybody to flatten their corrugated cardboard boxes. That is so important. We have to conserve our space in the bins,” Lewis said. “We really want you to recycle that corrugated cardboard, but we’re hoping that you don’t stress the drop-off sites by just piling it all up on the weekend.”

The plastic, white mailers are not recyclable.

If you have questions, call the Green Team at (330) 740-2060.

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