MERCER CO., Pa. (WKBN) – National Coffee Day is on Friday, and there’s plenty to celebrate already in Mercer County, where a big coffee deal has been struck.

The George J. Howe Company of Grove City has acquired the roaster facility and private label business of O’Neill Coffee, based in West Middlesex.

“It’s a really, really good fit for what they’re trying to do and where they’re trying to grow,” said Joe Walsh, who will continue owning O’Neill Coffee.

Howe is a growing candy, nut and coffee business, so the roaster is a big addition.

O’Neill is keeping the retail side. It was started by Walsh’s great aunt and uncle in 1951 with just two blends.

“Now, we have 40 flavors, 40 artisans and everybody has different taste profiles. You get a chance to talk to them and everybody gives everybody a chance to enjoy what they like,” Walsh said.

Walsh wanted a deal to keep roasting coffee in West Middlesex and keep all the workers. He has been in the coffee business since he was 10. The time was right to make a deal.

“On top of that, I mean, they’re really looking to grow that portion of my private label business that I started. They have opportunities because they have a larger reach to be able to do that,” Walsh said.

O’Neill and Howe will keep providing that comfort and consistency of a good cup of coffee. The two businesses have over 160 years of experience doing it.

“They love what’s happening. They want to be consistent, and they do that, but they are looking to grow, which is huge. To have two Mercer County companies pull together, keep things here — that part was important to us too,” Walsh said.

The business combo will keep the production coffee roasters going in both Grove City and West Middlesex. You can also continue to buy O’Neill Coffee at their retail store on Fair Street.

Jerica Rogers contributed to this report.