NILES, Ohio (WKBN) – A man suspected in two Sunday robberies is in custody hundreds of miles away. Police locally are crediting an Indiana officer for “good old-fashioned police work,” which helped them file charges in connection to the cases.

Police in Niles and Hubbard were investigating two robberies last week. They happened two hours apart in the early morning hours of June 13.

The first was the Domino’s Pizza on Route 422 and then 12 miles away at the Circle K in Hubbard.

911 Caller: We were held at gunpoint. We were forced into our cooler
911 Caller: He had a gun to me, and he locked me in the (expletive) bathroom

Detectives from both cities were already looking into the possibility that the two crimes were connected.

“Outfit was the same, description of the handgun was the same, even instructions that he gave people who were in the store during the robbery were the same,” said Capt. John Marshall, with the Niles Police Department.

Police say it was an attentive officer hundreds of miles away who helped them crack the case wide open, resulting in charges filed in connection to both cases.

“It was good, old-fashioned police work, said Det. Sgt. Michael Banic, with the Hubbard Police Department.

Miambo Maombi of Boise, Idaho was taken into custody Wednesday morning after law enforcement in Henricks County, Indiana pulled him over for a minor traffic violation.

“[He] pursued it and continued to follow his instructs and training, which led to all this information that broke all these cases,” Banic said.

Investigators say they found evidence on Maombi connecting him to the Niles case, including the IDs of the victims who were inside Domino’s.

“In addition to the IDs that were present from our victims, there were victims from Pennsylvania, Virginia whose identification we also discovered,” Marshall said.

Investigators now are looking into Maombi’s possible connection to at least six robberies in three states, four of which happened at Domino’s locations.

Maombi is facing extradition back to Ohio on aggravated robbery and kidnapping charges.