Old building in Wellsville coming down after portion collapses

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WELLSVILLE, Ohio (WKBN) – The side of a building collapsed in Wellsville Saturday morning and sent bricks into the street. Now leaders are making plans to tear it down before anyone gets hurt.

The village will have to pay a big price to demolish the old Shingler’s Jewelry store on Main Street. It turns out this is a problem leaders have been dealing with for some time.

Wellsville Fire Chief Berry Podwell said he made the decision to demolish the building after this past weekend’s collapse, in which the second floor also fell through.

“If it does come down completely, it’s going to cause some damage.”

The building has been sitting there since 1930. Podwell said it has to be demolished because it’s dangerous.

“If that building would have come down out on the main street, we would have had a bunch of power lines down, power poles.”

The old Shingler’s Jewelry store has been foreclosed on and unoccupied for around ten years.

Huntington Bank transferred the building back to the man listed as the current owner. More than $8,000 in back taxes are owed.

Now the village will pay more than $13,000 from its general fund for the demolition.

Fiscal Officer Hoiwah Black said this is an issue because Wellsville is still in fiscal emergency.

“We definitely need help from other agencies. This is, unfortunately, not expected and we want to keep our residents safe.”

The salon business next door will be closed while the building is demolished. The portion of Main Street the building sits on will also be closed.

Podwell said it was an easy decision to make.

“I’d rather spend thousands of dollars to tear a building down than millions of dollars in lawsuits if somebody happens to get seriously hurt or worse.”

Black said they will take action against the owner of the building.

They hope to have it torn down in the next couple of days.

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