YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – When it comes to getting car maintenance done, getting an oil change is the most common and it also just got more expensive.

David Untch, Owner of Sampson Performance says even wholesale dealers are facing price upticks.

“Our last increase went up basically about a dollar a quart for us and we’re a wholesale dealer and yet it’s even increased on us as well,” Untch said.

Untch said the increases won’t stop there either.

“They’re actually predicting another increase as well come Springtime.”

You’re probably asking yourself, well why? Both Untch and Rich Rogenski, manager of Westside Tire & Service in Youngstown had the same response to that question.

“One is not just the cost of the oil on the open market but the cost of the additives that the manufacturers have to put in to protect today’s modern engines,” said Rogenski.

The increase is across the board for regular and synthetic oils, which could mean higher costs for customers.

Rogenski said oil is not the only product seeing a rise in price.

“We’re running into problems now obtaining filters. Filters have a higher cost as well as the oil, which all increases the consumer’s price.”

Untch said getting it done now could help you save some cash.

“If you’re going to get an oil change it’d probably be a good idea to get it done fairly soon.”

Everyone knows an oil change is important but Rogenski says, on modern engines, it’s even more critical.

“Modern engines run extremely hot, they’re using very lightweight oils and they will have a tendency to consume oil so you may have to add between oil changes,” he said.

Rogenski said it’s better to pay for a more expensive oil change now, than pay for more repairs for more money later.

“Like the old commercial – pay me now, pay me later,” Rogenski said.