BOARDMAN, Ohio (WKBN) — It’s the heart of the holiday season, which means people are spending a lot of time shopping and are driving to their destinations. One area that sees the most traffic is Route 224 in Boardman.

If you live in the area, you might be familiar with Route 224 in Boardman. The road sees plenty of traffic during most of the year. With the holiday season in full swing — you can expect that traffic to be worse.

“There’s a big increase in traffic due to everyone trying to be out shopping and doing holiday activities. Crashes tend to increase slightly,” says Sgt. Matt Abbey of the Canfield post of Ohio State Highway Patrol.

But Abbey says many of these crashes are fender benders. He also says some places where traffic picks up is near the shops.

“More failure-to-yield, in general, pulling out of parking lots. Because everyone is rushing around, getting what they need to get done, get done,” Abbey says. “With the increase traffic, people take chances they might not otherwise take.”

According to OSHP’s website, in December 2021, the most crashes happened on Route 224 with 62. It was slightly higher than in November of the same year at 53.

“As you can imagine, as traffic goes up, everything goes up. When there’s more people driving, there’s more incidents that are going to happen,” Abbey says.

Even after the holiday season, OSHP sees traffic remain heavy for some time after.

“There’s still returns and that sort of thing that happens, and sales and that. Traffic stays there for a little while,” Abbey says.

Typically, traffic doesn’t lighten up until sometime in January.

Abbey says police try to put patrols where traffic is higher.

As for drivers, he suggests planning accordingly for the increased crowding on roads.

“Just plan for increase in traffic. Give yourself more time,” Abbey says. “If you think you’re going to be delayed by traffic, your mindset will be more calm.”