NEW MIAMI, Ohio (WKBN) – A 10-year-year-old traffic camera lawsuit in New Miami, Ohio has made its way to the Ohio Supreme Court.

The case may sound familiar. It resembles one against the City of Girard where a group of motorists who received speed camera tickets filed a lawsuit against the municipality.

And what happens in the New Miami case could have bearing on the Girard case.

In the 2013 New Miami case. 31,000 motorists who were issued $95 tickets say their due process protection was violated because they say contesting the tickets through New Miami’s administrative court system was so cumbersome that many did not contest the violations because it was too time-consuming. As a result, only 113 of the 31,000 drivers contested the ticket.

The village contested the lawsuit twice saying they were immune from this type of civil lawsuit, much like Girard did. The Twelfth District Court of Appeals rejected the village’s claim.

The village appealed a third time and the court ruled that the owners failed to prove the appeals procedure violated their due process, just like Girard. The motorists appealed and now the Ohio Supreme Court is hearing the case.

The high court will hear oral arguments Jan. 25 in Barrow v. New Miami. You can bet attorneys representing the motorists in Girard will be watching.