(WKBN) – Senator Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, said Friday that the Biden Administration is taking the right steps to ease the nation’s supply-chain crisis, but added that American business needs to do its share, too.

Hundreds of container ships continue sitting off the west and east coasts of the United States, unable to off-load their containers. And if they did come into port, there aren’t enough trucks and drivers to deliver their cargo to market.

Brown claims U.S. companies need to do more to get employees back to work again and move all those supplies.

“The reality is it’s a question of wages and work conditions and child care. One of the bills we’re working on is we are behind everybody else in the world in child care and making sure that people know their kids have accessible, affordable child care,” Brown said.

This week, the Biden Administration announced employees in the huge port of Los Angeles will start working around the clock to help ease the backlog.