Ohio restaurant, bar owners excited for first weekend with curfew lifted

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For the past few months, bar and restaurant owners had to adapt with a curfew

(WKBN) – When Governor Mike DeWine announced he’s lifting the curfew, many bars and restaurants were excited to hear the news. This is the first weekend where people can be out past midnight.

For the past few months, bar and restaurant owners had to adapt with a curfew.

Now, with the curfew lifted, they were able to fully enjoy being open much later, and last night marked a good start to the weekend.

“Mostly people just wanted to and take their time eating, and kind of making the night an event whether than cutting it short and scooting out early,” said Jeff Chann, owner of Selah Restaurant.

“Close to a year now, we’ve been closing, opening and closing, opening and closing and come back with a curfew. Yeah, it was a little different, a little different getting our feet wet again,” said Ed Moses, owner of V2.

Both men say they expect Saturday night to be just as busy, if not busier.

While V2 will serve customers past midnight for drinks, Chann said people leave Selah’s around 10 p.m., so the curfew being lifted only helps a little.

“What we really need is for capacity to open up, so at six-feet distancing, we took half of our tables out. That’s where we really struggle because we have half the number of customers in here,” Chann said.

And even though most restaurants are dealing with this issue, Moses says, for V2, the curfew being lifted is a bigger help.

“Being open later overlooks the capacity because you can do more. Your numbers should be a little bit better,” Moses said.

While this is a positive sign for what will hopefully be the end to the pandemic, it still might take some time for people to come back out.

“We’re hoping by summer, people will really start coming out and feel good about it,” Moses said.

“But for sure it’s an indication that what everyone is doing — being socially spaced and washing their hands — is helping,” Chann said.

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