Ohio Dept. of Transportation already prepared for this year’s winter road conditions

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ODOT has 40 plows between Mahoning and Trumbull counties

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Ahead of next week’s storm, you may want to start making preparations for your drive. The Ohio Department of Transportation says they’re stocked up on salt and ready if the roads get bad.


“Our crews have been essentially preparing for snow and ice here since the start of October,” said Ray Marsch, with ODOT.


“All the wheels are tightened,” Marsch said.


“All the salt is loaded up,” Marsch said.

ODOT says they are prepped for whatever winter weather blows in.

“We will have about 40 plows out between Mahoning and Trumbull counties to treat the roads there,” Marsch said.

And they literally have thousands of pounds of salt.

“So right now we have 150,000 tons of salt on hand at district four. We’re at about 95% full at our salt storage,” Marsch said.

The downside though, if it rains before the snowstorm, ODOT won’t be able to pre-treat the roads with salt because it will get washed away. Plus, if the snow is too heavy, even with 40 plows working, they might not be able to keep up.

“When snow is coming down more than an inch an hour with the plow routes that our drivers are on, by the time they get back to their start point what they have already plowed is already covered,” Marsch said.

The best thing for you to do is leave early and maybe have a little refresher on how to drive in the snow.

“On this first snowstorm in Northeast Ohio, it takes a little time for us to remember how to get used to driving on these winter roads. We’re all used to it. We all know but we’ve just got to get accustomed to doing it again like we do each and every year,” Marsch said.

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