(WKBN) – Thirty states have reported cases of bird flu.

Pennsylvania has a big case right now in the center of the state and has temporarily nixed birds from fairs and festivals.

The Pennsylvania outbreak of bird flu is on a commercial poultry farm in Lancaster County with over one million chickens. It’s the state’s first case in nearly 40 years.

“And we are in a moment today where we’re trying to contain this virus,” said Pennsylvania Agriculture Secretary Russell Redding.

All commercial poultry facilities within six miles are quarantined to protect the state’s $7 billion industry.

The bird flu comes from wild birds migrating north. Some are infected as waste is touched by healthy birds on the ground.

All of the poultry at the Lancaster County farm had to be euthanized, then the farm was cleaned up.

“There is no risk to the public. And poultry and eggs remain safe if cooked properly,” said Jeff Warner, a spokesperson for the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture.

Ohio has had one case of bird flu which infected a backyard flock in Franklin County. There are no commercial flocks in that area.

Ohio needs to be careful because two migratory paths for birds cross right over the state. McDermott is an Ursuline graduate and an educators at the OSU Extension Office. He is helping educate the state about the property biosecurity measures to follow, so the bird flu doesn’t have an impact like it did in 2014.

“Over 50 million births really depopulated as a result of this, and that was a shock to the bioeconomy, the Midwest economy and the United States Economy,” McDermott said. “We are telling backyard flock owners you don’t want any interaction with your birds with wild birds.”

If warmer weather comes, it could slow the spread of bird flu. Right now, it seems to have an impact on egg prices.

“This doesn’t help that case, but it’s not a sole determinant of price,” Redding said.

The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture also found bird flu in four wild ducks in Venango County in March. That’s prompted concerns in neighboring Mercer County.