LIBERTY TOWNSHIP, Ohio (WKBN) – Police used a stun gun and kicked a man after a K-9 police chase following an assault Thursday, according to a police report.

Police were dispatched to a home in Liberty Township for reports that Ronald Campbell, 31 of North Jackson, was beating a woman just before 10:15 p.m. While police were on their way, dispatchers said Campbell had taken off on foot, according to the police report. Officers also discovered Campbell had multiple warrants out for his arrest.

Police say when they arrived at the home, they found the victim with severe visible injuries. Because of the severity of the situation, police used a K-9 to assist in chasing Campbell.

According to reports, police warned Campbell that the K-9 could bite him. Campbell then complied and laid down on his belly.

However, reports say Campbell kept moving, reaching to his waistband and refusing to comply with police demands. As Campbell continued, one officer stun-gunned him, according to the report.

The stun gun did not stop Campbell though, so the officer used his stun gun again on Campbell. At this point, Campbell stopped resisting and an officer was able to get one hand cuffed.

Reports say Campbell still resisted though, so an officer struck Campbell on the right side with his foot. Police were then able to arrest Campbell.

Police say they found three tablets that resembled Xanax on Campbell and stated he was severely intoxicated, according to a report.

When Campbell was placed in the police vehicle, he banged his face against the partition repeatedly. His nose and face also started bleeding. Campbell received medical treatment on the scene.

When police interviewed the victim, she said Campbell came home intoxicated and immediately began punching her. Campbell reportedly threw her to the ground and stomped on her ankle. The victim said Campbell kept apologizing while he was beating her.

The victim’s injuries matched her record of Campbell’s assault.

Campbell is charged with disrupting public service, a felony, assault, obstructing official business and resisting arrest. Campbell pleaded not guilty to his charges Friday morning and his bail was set at $30,000.

Campbell is due back in court Wednesday for his pretrial.