MILTON TOWNSHIP, Ohio (WKBN) – State troopers are still trying to piece together two accidents Tuesday in Mahoning County involving cars that collided with horses.

It happened along Mahoning Avenue in Jackson and Milton townships.

Eight or nine horses got free from a corral along North Duck Creek Road and wandered down to Mahoning Avenue, near the Jackson-Milton school campus, where several were hit by cars.

One of the first officers on the scene was Officer Lisa Storey.

“I was able to get it (a horse), put the halter on it. It had a little pony with it. We were able to walk it back towards the high school. A couple of other horses were there. In the meantime, I get another crash in my jurisdiction for two people hurt with two horses down,” Storey said.

Unfortunately, the horse Storey found was so badly hurt it had to be euthanized. She called it one of the most heartbreaking incidents she’s ever seen.

In all, three horses, one of which was pregnant, were killed.

A teenager and a 6-year-old also suffered minor injuries in the crashes.