YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – A Youngstown area native wants to help inspire people to follow their dreams.

Jesse Reed wants to put up three murals around the city, playing off “you” in Youngstown.

He showed off examples of where he wants to put them such as the Glenwood Corridor and downtown.

Reed is now a graphic designer in Brooklyn, New York.

His goal is to make the murals big enough so that they are easily noticeable.

“These statements can sort of, literally, live around the city and you can find them as you’re driving through — constant reminders of the self-confidence that one should have, no matter where you’re coming from,” Reed said.

The committee approved the concept of the idea, with the next step being research on which properties should be done.

Only Deputy Director of Public Works Chuck Shasho was against the idea. He said he was not a fan of murals.