Nurse’s new tool sprays away sickness to keep Boardman students healthy

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It's called the Germinator, and it's as simple as using a squirt gun

BOARDMAN, Ohio (WKBN) – Keeping students healthy can be a battle for any school district. In Boardman, the school nurse has a unique tool to make this easier.

The goal at West Boulevard Elementary is to keep kids from getting sick.

It’s called the Germinator.

WATCH: Boardman school nurse demonstrates new germ-fighting tool

“What’s happening in the schools is a lot of the flu, a lot of sickness,” Principal Al Cervello said. “My custodian’s been very busy cleaning up around the building the last few weeks.”

The PTA bought the Germinator for the school nurse, Melanie Cochran, to use on germ-infested areas in the school.

“Anything that the kids are touching and playing with,” Cochran said. “It’s actually going to keep them safe.”

Battling germs is as simple as using a squirt gun.

“It’ll just take a couple minutes for it to dry and then it will be completely fine for them to play on, do whatever they need to do. Work on it, color, draw, do their schoolwork,” Cochran said.

The tool prevents illnesses from ever happening in the first place.

“It’s just like using Clorox wipes or whatever on your surfaces at home, and spraying and sanitizing them to wipe everything down,” Cochran said.

The school is trying to reduce absences even as the temperatures start to drop.

“When a child is sick…they share it,” Cervello said.

He said if your kid does get sick, the best thing you can do is keep them home.

“That’s extremely important. We all have children of our own. We know when they’re not feeling well so if they need any help with that, contact the school. We’re here to help them.”

Cochran also recommends frequent hand washing or sanitizing to fight off germs.

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