SOUTHINGTON, Ohio (WKBN) – A preliminary report from the National Transportation Safety Board shows that the pilot involved in a fatal crash in Southington in October did not anticipate any problems with the aircraft and performed standard checklist procedures before takeoff.

A witness, who is also a pilot, said he talked to 82-year-old Richard Coles before his fateful flight and asked Coles how the plane was operating, to which Coles said that the airplane was fine. Both pilots intended on flying that day.

The witness said he saw Coles do an engine run-up before he took off and there were no anomalies.

Coles’ plane went down in a yard off of Herr Fieldhouse Road, just east of Leiby Osborne Road and near the Warren airport.

The report indicated that there was nothing out of the ordinary as far as the weather, and other than impact damage from the crash, there appeared to be nothing mechanically wrong with the airplane, according to the preliminary report.

Investigators said the plane’s instrument panel contained a GRT Engine Data Monitoring System that was retained for data download.

Additional facts may be added to the preliminary report as they become available. When the investigation is complete, a final report will be issued with a probable cause.

Coles was the only person on board. He was rescued from the crashed plane on Friday, Oct. 28, and died that weekend from injuries sustained in the crash.