‘Not knowing has been brutal’: Sister grieves woman found in Youngstown trash can

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The sister of the woman found in a trash can on Youngstown’s east side on Thursday is speaking out about Amy Begeot — who she was and what might have happened to her.

One day after the body of her missing sister was found, Tabatha Begeot said she’s a little bit numb.

“Unfortunately, I have feared the worst and hoped for the best. This is still kind of shocking but at least — at least — she’s found.”

The last thing Tabatha expected was the 33-year-old’s body being found in a garbage can.

“It just feels like, ‘Oh you toss her in the trash can, you don’t care.’ So that part is what really hurts.”

Amy got out of jail on October 24 — the same day she disappeared. Tabatha said she was immediately anxious and tried to find her.

In November, we told you Amy was reported missing.

“Everything I would hear, ‘A body was found,’ of course, I would have a heart attack.”

There’s an autopsy on Monday. Police haven’t given any suspected cause of death.

Tabatha said she has been in contact with investigators and the coroner.

“There’s no shots or stab wounds. There doesn’t appear to be any blunt force trauma as of now.”

Amy was identified by her tattoos.

“If you met her only once, you’d never forget her. She was very unique, and loud, and very bubbly and when she loved you, she loved you with everything.”

Amy leaves behind five children.

“Amy loved, loved, loved her children. She was not raising them but that was out of love also.”

She struggled with addiction, like many in the Valley and our country right now.

“Amy was very open about it. That’s what hurts my heart so bad is she went, like, seven, eight months clean and she had to go back to jail.”

Tabatha believes Amy died that day in October.

The house where the trash can was found was abandoned but Tabatha said people recognized it on the news as a place one of Amy’s friends had lived.

When the landlord was cleaning it, he found abandoned dogs and cars. Then he spotted the garbage can in a ravine.

“The not knowing has been brutal, especially when you can’t help but suspect something like this may have happened,” Tabatha said.

Police haven’t talked about whether they’re considering foul play. At this point, police haven’t confirmed any arrests or suspects related to the case.

The coroner is expected to determine a cause of death next week.

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