(WKBN) — As 2021 comes to a close, drivers can end the year on a high note with full gas tanks.

According to AAA, gas prices across Northeast Ohio dropped by four cents this week, clocking in at an average of $3.001 a gallon. This is compared to $3.045 last week and $2.220 the week before.

Despite the dip, AAA said prices are still 70 cents higher than this time last year.

In Niles, the average price came in below the regional average at $2.873 a gallon this week, but Youngstown was still above it at $3.025.

Solon, Ohio had the most expensive gas at $3.260 a gallon while Alliance had the cheapest at $2.772 a gallon.

AAA said prices fluctuated based on fears of an omicron-driven economic slowdown and a fire at an oil refinery in Texas.

Gas stock is 15.2 percent lower than in December 2020, contributing to cost increases.