CANFIELD, Ohio (WKBN) – Summer means summer camps — a way to keep kids busy, and one local camp is focusing on girls and construction.

Jennifer Bondy, a 14-year-old who’s headed to Austintown Fitch for high school this fall, learned how to install shingles on a roof as part of the Northeast Ohio “Let’s Build Construction Camp for Girls.”

“It’s not just men who can do things in the world, it’s women too. They can build things. They can change things in the world,” Bondy said.

Bondy is no stranger to the world of construction — she used to help flip houses with her papa.

“We would fix them up and like put flooring in, put new electricity in and like paint the doors and everything,” Bondy said.

The camp started on Monday and some people were not sure what to expect. Alexandra Loftus wasn’t too sure about construction until she went to the camp and started building a framing wall.

“No, I wasn’t. I wasn’t interested in it at all,” Loftus said.

Loftus says she has learned some important skills.

“If you ever need to hang something up on your wall, it taught you how to carefully and safely drill something or hammer something into the wall,” Loftus said.

The girls learned everything from roofing to painting to wiring and so much more. All with the guidance from camp director Shelly Higgins. She says it’s important to expose young women to this type of career.

“Things are changing, and they bring an element of detail in an organization that is typically hard to overcome,” Higgins said.

The campers say they are grateful for Higgins.

“I honestly love her, she’s amazing, and she was like a very good inspiration to all of us. Like, I can’t believe she made this all happen and that we actually have a camp for just girls,” Bondy said.

Each girl will take home a tool bag with all the tools they need to further their interests in the field.