North Jackson couple opens food truck in their Grandma Annie’s memory

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"All of our recipes are named after the crazy things she would say -- the PG things, that is."

NORTH JACKSON, Ohio (WKBN) – A North Jackson couple said they spent the past year building a food truck with a special meaning behind it.

With most fairs and festivals canceled this year, food trucks have been popping up just about everywhere.

While many of them serve the typical fair food, the Thors’ food truck is going back to its roots.

“We named our food truck after grandma. She passed away last year and we just wanted a way to honor her,” Samantha Thor said.

Her Grandma Annie’s favorite things to do were cook and bake, hence the name, “Annie’s Eatery.”

“We decide to put our spin on her recipes. All of our recipes are named after the crazy things she would say — the PG things, that is,” Samantha said.

Grandma Annie passed away at the age of 77. Shortly after, the idea to start the food truck came to life.

They basically built it from the ground up in the past year.

“Relentless work,” Allen Thor said. “Eight hours after work every day. Sometimes we get in after midnight, sometimes it’s still snowing outside.”

But it gave them the opportunity to build it how they wanted, all with Grandma Annie in mind.

“Wanted to do kind of like an old school look,” Samantha said.

The two planned to open it up in March, but didn’t expect COVID-19 to hit.

“This might be the worst year to start a food truck but if we get through it, we’re invincible,” Allen said.

The Thors already have another truck in the works — this one designed for events.

“It’ll be similar. It’ll still have the same Annie’s swag,” Allen said.

And along with swag, Annie’s recipes, which Samantha hopes to continue cooking for a while.

“I actually love cooking, so this actually felt like the right thing to do to honor her and do something I love. And it helps me feel close to her still,” she said.

Check out the menu for Annie’s Eatery food truck and where it’s headed next on its Facebook page.

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