WARREN, Ohio (WKBN) – An Ashtabula County man was sentenced to five years of community control for shooting at his adult son in North Bloomfield.

Joseph Gallo pleaded guilty in April to an amended indictment charging him with aggravated assault. It stemmed from the March 2022 ordeal where Gallo’s son told investigators Gallo shot at him and threatened to shoot him in the head.

Some of the conditions of Gallo’s community control include he can’t use or possess illegal drugs or alcohol, must stay out of liquor establishments, and can’t contact his son.

Gallo’s attorney Robert Farinacci told the court his client hit a rough spot but has continued with his sobriety for more than a year. He added Gallo cares about fixing any harm he caused.

“I’ve been dealing with Mr. Gallo for 16 months just on this issue, and he is extraordinarily remorseful,” Farinacci said.

Judge Cynthia Westcott Rice called it “impressive” that Gallo’s been working towards and maintaining his sobriety. She told Gallo that is why he received community control.