YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – The bar and restaurant industry has struggled with issues beyond their control this past year. From take-out only to capacity seating and curfew hours. Now, they have another battle to fight.

“People don’t want to work. We set up interviews, and people don’t show. We call people that put applications in, they don’t answer their phone,” said Ed Moses, owner of V2 in Youngstown.

It’s an issue that many restaurants are struggling with. It started back in the fall. Going from applications to interviews is a problem, and there are issues even after hiring.

So what’s causing this?

“They’re getting their stimulus check, they’re getting unemployment. Our country is getting lazy a little bit. We’re getting lazy, nobody wants to work,” Moses said.

Jeff Chann with Selah’s in Struthers says other restaurant owners have shared with him the same issue. He says Selah’s isn’t a normal seasonal job but something more long-term.

“People don’t want to work, and that’s really a tough situation because this is how you buy houses. This is how you pay your bills. This is how you build a retirement. This is how the economy, the engine works is people working,” Chann said. “When we hire somebody, we want them here for years to kind of grow into it, and we kind of grow into them. So, it’s a very detailed process.”

And we’re just a few months away from one of the busy seasons for the industry.

“It picks up a little bit more in the summertime. People are out more, and we’re starting to see an increase now. People are coming out,” Moses said.

Many customers prefer to sit outside on patios, so they are adding more tables.

“Right now, we have an extra nine or ten tables open outside. The capacity for the restaurant is bigger or higher, so we need more staff,” Chann said.

Both Selah’s and V2 have job openings for kitchen staff to bartenders and more.