POLAND, Ohio (WKBN) – People had a long time over the last year to sit at home. The couch and recliner got stretched and maybe even torn. Many have decided they wanted to see a change, and that’s led to the growth of consignment around the Valley.

People are suffering from COVID fatigue in their home, and want to see new things.

Diane Young owns Consign & Design in Poland, and she’s noticed more shoppers and buyers who want that new to you feeling.

“There’s no shame in buying secondhand anymore. That’s actually the way to get the best bang for your buck and something different that you don’t see everywhere, and I think that it’s here to stay.

Young’s consignment shop works by people leaving items for 90 days, and they get a commission if it sells. Young sets the price.

“This sofa over here, for example, kind contemporary. We just got this in. This will go out quickly,” she said.

Consign & Design is also benefitting from a hot housing market. People are changing homes and selling their extra items.

There are delays in new furniture, and they’re choosing something they used to be able to find easily.

“And that’s what a lot of our clients are looking for. The quality that we’re not seeing so much in the area anymore, or any area because there’s so many imports,” Young said.

Every item gets sanitized before it goes on the floor.  

Young feels, back in the day, you’d put items on the curb. Now, you try consigning them, and it’s working as people look to find something to make them feel new again.

“You might come in for a dining room suite and walk out with a lamp or vice versa because you just happened upon something not in your plans at all,” Young said.

The same thing is happening in clothing. Projections show the trend growing stronger, more than doubling in the next four years.