No process put into place yet to replace Youngstown City Schools CEO

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The Academic Distress Commission appointed to oversee the Youngstown City Schools met on Tuesday for the first time since CEO Krish Mohip announced he was leaving.

The commission only gathered for a short time and then went into executive session.

Chairman John Richard said no process has been put into place to replace Mohip, but he expects more meetings over the next few months before the process is finalized.

Richard commented on Mohip’s performance and what he would like to see in the new CEO.

“Certainly we would like to see the test scores move more than they have. I think that’s a frustration that we, both Krish and all of us, would like to see,” he said.

Larry Ellis, president of the Youngstown Teachers’ Union, said he would like to see the next CEO work more with the school board and community, including teachers.

“I think we need to work from the inside with the people that we have here. Value their opinion, the people who live in this city, and I think that’s the way we’re going to move the district forward,” Ellis said.

Mohip announced almost two weeks ago that he’ll be leaving after his contract expires in July, which should leave the commission with plenty of time to look for a replacement.

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