WASHINGTON, D.C. (WKBN) – How to keep tabs on January 6 Capitol riot suspect Rachel Powell has been an ongoing challenge.

Prosecutors say Powell has been loose with her monitoring, going to a brewery and other places that she claims were worked related.

Most recently, prosecutors asked for her to be on a GPS monitor and it was approved, but as it turns out, cell service is poor in the rural area where she lives near Sandy Lake and that’s not working out.

Just this week, prosecutors asked that Powell be on strict home confinement. If she needs to leave for work-related business, she would have to submit a request in advance. She will also be on her current monitoring system, which does not use GPS technology. The very next day, the judge agreed to the terms.

Powell garnered the ire of the judge when during mask mandates she wore a mesh mask in what the judge called a mockery of her release conditions. She also considered gardening part of her work duties, according to court filings.

Powell is one of many who have been prosecuted for actions during the January 6 Capitol riot. Powell is accused of using a bullhorn to direct others to enter the Capitol and breaking out a window on the Capitol building.