YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – With no deal reached between YSU and its faculty union this afternoon, negotiations will resume at 9 p.m. Tuesday night.

Both sides met Tuesday after university administrators announced Monday that a counterproposal was being considered that involved some compromise on salaries.

However, the union said the counterproposal that was presented during negotiations Monday was different than the one sent out to the union.

YSU said the mistake was a miscommunication, according to union officials.

YSU has set up a web page to guide students through the process should a strike occur.

The university has said that classes will resume on Wednesday whether an agreement is reached or not, saying that if the strike spills into Wednesday, the university will remain open and is making plans to continue to offer classes.

YSU-OEA members say they don’t agree with brining in substitutes.

“The instructors that will come in are a completely unknown entity. They may come from very far away, maybe online. We don’t know. The faculty haven’t vetted them,” said Steven Reale, president of YSU-OEA.

Members of the faculty interview any potential new hire, and as long as the strike continues, that won’t happen.

“We have no confidence in the ability of the instructor or the quality of the grades that they will take,” Reale said.

Reale said faculty will not accept the grades of any substitute instructor.

Some students said they have not received much information from YSU administrators and do not want substitutes.

“I am planning on not attending classes or turning in homework because I only care to learn from my professors,” said YSU junior Alyssa Leone.

The allegiance some students have with their professors is a close bond.

“If we are bringing in someone that is not even affiliated with the university, just some random guy off the street. I don’t know how much I can even be expected to work with them,” said YSU junior Matthew Commons.

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