Niles police investigate deplorable house where dogs were found

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The five dogs that were discovered inside the home are now being cared for

NILES, Ohio (WKBN) – An investigation is underway in Niles after police found five dogs that appeared to be abandoned and living in deplorable conditions.

It’s been a week since the dogs were removed from a home on West Third Street. Police say it appeared as if they were abandoned.

“It’s a miracle that those dogs survived,” said Capt. John Marshall.

Neighbor Alyssa Steffey said she was surprised by the discovery.

“I didn’t even know that they had that many dogs, if even one dog. I think it’s absolutely terrible. I feel bad for the dogs,” she said.

Officers found the dogs when the fire department contacted them about a bad smell coming from the house.

“The inside of the house was just a terrible environment, as you can imagine, for animals to be living in,” Marshall said.

According to a police report, in addition to the dogs, officers found floors covered with feces and unknown liquids, garbage upstairs, plus so many flies it was affecting their visibility.

“There appeared to be a torn open bag of dog food in the kitchen, and there was some flooding in the basement that I assume was probably their water source,” Marshall said.

The report goes on to say that an officer had to throw away his boots because of how contaminated they were after being in the house.

The five dogs that were discovered inside the home are now being cared for by a family member of the former tenants.

“I hope that the dogs get the help that they need and the people are held accountable for that mess, that pigsty in there. It’s horrible,” Steffey said.

Marshall said charges could filed in the case.

“We are, at the moment, involved in an investigation to possibly charge the tenants or at least the last tenants there,” he said.

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