NILES, Ohio (WKBN) — Niles police are asking people to lock their doors after several unlocked cars were gone through and items went missing.

Investigators said neighborhoods off Robbins Avenue have been plagued by this type of crime recently.

“First time anything’s happened here since we moved in to be honest,” said Bryce Randall, who’s brother fell victim to a car break-in.

Randall lives at the Ashberry Village apartments with his older brother. He keeps his car locked every night but his brother learned his lesson the hard way Monday morning.

“So he just woke up for the gym, went to go out and said — I don’t remember if he said his door was open or if he just noticed stuff was gone — but they took his golf clubs, his gym bag and his registration to his car,” Randall said.

His brother fell victim to a crime of opportunity. According to a police report, a neighbor also discovered two of his cars were rummaged through.

“Why don’t you work for it like these people worked for their stuff and you just come and take it?” Randall said.

Police said thefts also happened in the surrounding neighborhoods.

“It’s very easy to walk up and pull on a door handle of a car and if it’s open get whatever’s inside,” said Niles Police Department captain John Marshall.

Ring doorbell video captured someone going through a parked car in a driveway off Carnegie Avenue overnight and two people walk away. Police said they’re now working to identify these individuals.

“It seems like there’s a group of or several groups of multiple people so they can cover a pretty good-sized area and a lot of cars in a short amount of time,” Marshall said.

They’re asking people to protect themselves by keeping valuables out of sight.

“Don’t leave packages, don’t leave your purse. Don’t leave loose money, bank envelopes, anything that somebody could walk by and see and figure, ‘You know, well they’re not here so I’ll take that.’ Anything that could entice someone to go where they shouldn’t,” Marshall said.