NILES, Ohio (WKBN) — A vehicle that has been on the road for 87 years can ‘pass the mustard’ with car enthusiasts, and everyone else.

The Oscar Mayer Frankmobile was in Niles on Tuesday. It’s 60 hot dogs long, and 24 hot dogs tall.

This one has Wisconsin plates, recognizing the old name, the Weinermobile. There are six Frankmobiles that travel the country, stopping at locations submitted by fans.

The vehicles have been on the road since 1936, and each has two people traveling with it called Frankfurters.

This is our car, it’s our company car,” said Anna Murphy, who travels with the Frankmobile. “Wherever we go, we travel in this. So if we go to a grocery store, we have fans swarming us coming to take photos wanting to see through the windows and everything. So we’d like to say it’s really the people’s car. … It’s really fun to just bring it to different areas and have people take photos and get to see the giant hot dog in real life.”

The name was changed to the Frankmobile this year in support of Oscar Mayer’s beef franks.

The Frankmobile will be around again this weekend. You can find it Saturday and Sunday at the Canfield Fair between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.