NILES, Ohio (WKBN) — Two Niles brothers diagnosed with cancer just months apart took the time to share with First News how they’ve been doing since we last checked in with them in June.

Kevin Pugh has Stage IV esophageal cancer. The last time we spoke with him, he was in a bad place.

Now, Kevin Pugh says he’s doing better; he’s been through five treatments of chemotherapy and has one more before doctors re-evaluate the cancer. He’s been able to drink more fluids and eat some solid foods.

His brother, Scott Pugh, is in a different boat.

Scott Pugh found out he had lung cancer in March, shortly after having a pulmonary embolism removed. The cancer has gotten worse over the last couple months, and he says he’s always tired and worn out.

“I’m ready for them to go in and get it out. I’m ready for them to get it out,” Scott Pugh says. “I’m tired of feeling like this.”

Both brothers are grateful to have each other during this difficult time.

“I want to feel like I’m getting there,” Kevin Pugh says. “Like I said, I feel completely different than the last time that we spoke. I feel a lot better now, but again, it’s an uphill battle. It’s a struggle.”

Those interested in helping the Pugh brothers can find links to their online fundraiser through Scott Pugh’s Facebook page.