Niles Municipal Court starts drug treatment program to help save lives

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Niles Municipal Court has a new program aimed at helping misdemeanor drug offenders get treatment.

It’s called the Niles Addiction Recovery Program (NARP).

Judge Christoper Shaker said by declaring a surplus in their Indigent Driver Alcohol Treatment Fund, the court is able to use $100,000 from that fund to pay for the program. That means it won’t cost taxpayers any additional money to operate.

First- or second-time offenders and pregnant mothers can qualify for NARP.

It is not for traffickers or dangerous drug felons.

“It’s not treatment in lieu of conviction, it is treatment after a conviction,” Shaker said. “But the conviction may be lessened or if they qualify and they go through the program, do a good job, there is also a chance after one year that they can have the offense sealed.”

He said the goal is to save lives and help families.

NARP was created in partnership with Niles Municipal Court, Trumbull County Mental Health and Recovery Board, First Step Recovery and Travco Behavioral Health Center.

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