Niles mayor asking residents to keep grass clippings off street

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Mayor Steve Mientkiewicz wants residents to be aware of where those stray clippings wind up

NILES, Ohio (WKBN) – The mayor of Niles is sending out an important message — “keep grass clippings out of the street.”

Summer’s most familiar sound — a lawnmower. Yards are being cut around Niles and Mayor Steve Mientkiewicz wants residents to be aware of where the grass clippings wind up.

He’s written a public letter, asking them to be mindful this summer.

“It’s just a yearly reminder to our residents to make sure they keep the grass clippings off the street to…help reduce flooding and reduce any safety hazards that may call,” Mientkiewicz said.

On Wednesday, John Servin cut his grass and finished up with some edging. He goes back over it with a riding mower to pick up the clippings.

That’s exactly what the mayor hopes all residents will do.

If the clippings blow out into the road, they can be picked up by water and move into places where they can cause damage.

“Could clog up our storm drains, get into our storm water systems and cause flooding, cause some back-up that could get into people’s homes,” Mientkiewicz said.

There’s also the hazard clippings pose for bikers and motorcyclists.

Some communities have laws related to grass clippings. Niles is monitoring what they’re doing and how it works.

Right now, the city is using a neighborly approach and hoping it won’t have any problems.

“We don’t have anything on the books right now. We’d like to just put out the reminder and, hopefully, all of our residents comply so we don’t have to take those measures,” Mientkiewicz said.

The mayor said city hall has received some calls, but not many. He’s simply asking residents to take control of the clippings and not let them outside of their own yard.

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