Niles gets new tech to analyze speed data

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The police department recently bought two portable speed monitoring devices

NILES, Ohio (WKBN) – Police in Niles now have a new tool to help analyze speed data in the city.

The police department recently bought two portable speed monitoring devices. The devices use radar technology to caution drivers about their speed and collect data, allowing the department to analyze areas and times prone to speeding.

All the information is sent to a tablet using bluetooth technology.

Niles Police say it’s a valuable tool to help them keep residential neighborhoods safer.

“We have the ability then to be monitoring two separate perceived problem areas and actually determine if we do need to allocate an officer there to do some speed enforcement. And then even better than that, what times of day and what days of the week are most important for somebody to be there present,” said Capt. John Marshall.

These new speed monitoring devices are replacing an old, larger speed warning radar sign that was on a trailer.

The police department spent just about $6,400 total for both signs.

The devices are not cameras and serve only as a warning sign.

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