YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) — A tan and white dog was brought into the Mahoning County Dog Pound Monday morning, bringing the number of animals being housed there to 77.

“It becomes really nightmarish when we get this full,” said Mahoning County Dog Warden Dianne Fry.

The situation here as we’ve seen at other shelters in the area is physically and emotionally taxing for Fry and her eleven-member staff. The dog warden said a growing number of owners are threatening her workers to either take their dogs or the owners will let them run free.

“They’ll just call and say, you know, ‘I found this dog three months ago or three weeks ago, and if you don’t come right now I’ll just open the door,'” said Fry.

Fry said many times owners let their animals loose and then leave them in the pound rather than have to pay a $60 fee to get them back.

The dog warden said the community can help the situation by having their pets neutered or spayed, fully vaccinated and socialized so that they are less violent. They said 80 to 90 percent of the animals that are brought in don’t have those things.

The dog warden also said dogs that haven’t been socialized to behave around other animals or people are often the hardest to get adopted.

“We have to make tougher decisions on dogs that we normally wouldn’t have to, or that maybe just need a little bit of training,” said Fry.

The end result could be having dogs that need to be euthanized.