Newton Falls schools move from remote to in-person classes in 2-day period

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Schools officials confirmed that one student tested positive for COVID-19

NEWTON FALLS, Ohio (WKBN) – All classes at Newton Falls schools were remote Monday after a student tested positive for COVID -19, but students will be back in class Tuesday after consulting with the Trumbull County Health Department.

Schools officials confirmed that one student tested positive for COVID-19.

Superintendent Rocco Adduci said the decision to move to all remote learning was a difficult one.

“These are very difficult times for all school districts not only Newton Falls,” he said.

Caution tape blocked the entrance Monday of Newton Falls Junior and Senior High, but the doors will be open Tuesday. Adduci said the decision to close for that short period of time was a proactive one.

“We decided to close all the buildings until we did contact tracing, which we have done. We’re going to talk to parents of students who were in close proximity,” Adduci said.

The plan for future decisions to close or open depends on how quickly they get test results back.

“We can’t have a test that’s given one day and five, six days later we get the results. When we get the test, it has to be immediate. We test the whole family and from that point, we determine what we will do from that point,” he said.

Adduci said he realizes the decision to go remote and now return back to school in a two-day span is not only a challenge for the school but also on the parents.

“It’s an extra burden for the parents. They have babysitters and we’re cognizant of that, too. I’m asking Newton Falls parents to be patient, and we are going to make sure their students are safe and also our staff,” Adduci said.

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